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Competition Grade Firearm Cleaner

  • Ammonia Free

  • Non-Chlorinated

  • Cleans All Fouling

  • Pleasant Scent

  • No Drying or Rinsing

  • Fast & Powerful

  • Cleaner Only


High Performance Bore & Gun Cleaner for Competition Shooters & Expert Gun Owners

Sergeants Gun Cleaner is a state-of-the-art gun cleaning solvent designed for deep cleaning all parts of a gun including bolt & carrier assemblies, trigger assemblies and bores.

Works Better - Ammonia free, non-chlorinated & replaces TCE (trichloroethylene).
Fully Evaporating - Leaves no surface residue and is safe for use on metals and hard plastics.
Powerful - Cleans fouling including lead and copper. Completely removes lubricant, fingerprints, greases, adhesives, buffing compounds, waxes, carbon and oils.
Maintenance Flexibility - Clean all parts completely, then apply lubricant/protectant as you choose for your firearm application.

Made in the USA