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Competition Grade Firearm Cleaning System

High Performance Gun Cleaning System for Competition Shooters & Expert Gun Owners

Sergeants Cleaning Solvent

is a state-of-the-art gun cleaner designed for deep cleaning all parts of a gun including bolt & carrier assemblies, trigger assemblies and bores. Safe to use on all metals and hard plastics.
  • Ammonia Free
    • Non-Chlorinated
      • Cleans All Fouling
        • Pleasant Scent
          • No Drying or Rinsing
            • Fast & Powerful
              • Cleaner Only

Sergeants Gun Lubricant

provides excellent lubrication and protection of moving parts while leaving a thin consistent film with no excess to drip or run.
  • Excellent Corrosion & Oxidation Resistance
    • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Provides Good Migration

Sergeants Pre-Saturated Cleaning Patches

enables fast cleaning at the bench or in the field.
  • Great for Field Use & Competition Cleaning
  • Ready to Use

Sergeants Ultrasonic Cleaner

is a non-flammable powerful solvent for ultrasonic cleaning units that requires no rinsing or drying.
  • Created Especially for Ultrasonic Cleaning Units
    • Non-Flammable Cleaner
      • Eliminates Soap & Water
        • No Rinsing or Drying Required
          • Lubricate after Ultrasonic Cleaning

Sergeants CLP

is specially formulated for fast cleaning and long term storage.

Sergeants Vapor Degreasing System

is for manufacturers, gunsmiths and military users interested in reducing cleaning time and increasing cleaning throughput & effectiveness.
  • Great for cleaning a large volume of parts fast
    • Removes All Fouling
      • Comprehensively Cleans
        • Penetrates into Complex Geometries


Made in the USA