Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sergeants safe on metals?

Yes, Sergeants is safe on all metals (including copper, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum) and will clean your guns without leaving any residue. Sergeants was formulated to clean fast and remove fouling completely from metals without the need any additional rinsing or wiping.

Is Sergeants safe on plastics?

Yes, Sergeants has shown to be safe on most hard plastics, like ABS, Nylon, High Impact Polystyrene and Polycarbonate. If you are in doubt if your item has hard plastic or not we suggest testing it before using. For more information, please see our Plastic Compatibility Document.

How does Sergeants work on muzzle loading firearms?

Sergeants is the ideal gun cleaner for muzzle loading firearms. It effectively removes all carbon without leaving any residue behind.

How does Sergeants perform on AR15s?

Exceptionally well. Due to the nature of this firearm and the residue left behind after firing, Sergeants makes a great cleaning choice. It effectively removes carbon build up quickly and effortlessly.

Does Sergeants work on AK47s?

Yes. Sergeants is the go to cleaner for many AK47 owners. Sergeants performs very well, removing carbon and not leaving any residue.

Does Sergeants Gun Cleaner need to be diluted or mixed with anything?

No. Use it straight from the bottle. Easy to use with a pleasant scent.

Is there a rust preventative in Sergeants?

Nothing has been added to the Sergeant solvent. Since it is fast evaporating and leaves no residue it should not aid the rusting of your firearm.

Is there a lubricant in the gun cleaner?

No, we didn't make the lubricant part of the solvent. Different guns and different gun owners like different levels of lubrication. We felt it was best left up to the individual to put their own lubricant on after cleaning.

Can I use Sergeants on other weaponry?

Yes, definitely. Sergeants is an excellent choice for cleaning firearms, knives, handguns and other weapons due to the fact that it is safe on metals and hard plastics. We do suggest that if you are unsure of the material of your weapon you test it first.

Who uses Sergeants Gun Cleaner?

Anyone is concerned with the quality of cleaning their firearms. Not only does Sergeants have a pleasant scent but it works effectively at removing carbon, fouling and other hard to remove build up without leaving a residue. Some of our best customers are police officers, gun enthusiasts, gun collectors and firearm instructors.

How does Sergeants affect BLUING?

Sergeants will not affect bluing or other corrosion resistance coatings.

Does Sergeants affect after-market coatings like DuraCoat?

No, you can safely use Sergeants on any of your firearms that have had additional coatings applied.

Can I use Sergeants to replace my TCE?

Yes absolutely. Sergeants is a direct TCE replacement You use the Sergeants the same way you have been using TCE and TCE based cleaners…but without the concerns or restrictions associated with TCE.

What packaging is Sergeants available in?

Sergeants comes in convenient 2 oz., 4 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. It is also available in larger one gallon and 5 gallon pails. Sergeants is also available in pre-saturated patches (50 patches or 100 patches).  BUY NOW

Can I use Sergeants on my paintball gun?

Yes, you will be amazed at how well Sergeants works on cleaning your paintball gun. Because Sergeants will not affect metals or plastics, it is an excellent overall gun cleaner and effective for cleaning grease and oil from the dun barrel without the need to use water for any part of the cleaning. And Sergeants has the added benefit of not having to dry or rinse the gun parts and barrel.