Sergeants Product Information

Fast Evaporating: No Drying or Rinsing Necessary


Completely removes fouling

Dries completely - noo wiping

High Performance Bore & Gun Cleaner

Ensures a clean shot by removing all fouling, residues and other contaminants that will interfere with performance.

Works Better

Other cleaners like alcohol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), Xylene, mineral spirits, and TCE (trichloroethylene) are inferior.

Fully Evaporating

Leaves no surface residue and is safe for use on metals and hard plastics.


Cleans fouling including lead, powder, and metal. Also removes lubricant, fingerprints, greases, adhesives, buffing compounds, waxes, carbon, and oils.

Safe & Easy to Use

Made in the USA


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Easy Open Bottles

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Pre-Saturated Patches

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Case Quantities

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Safe to Use on All Metals

Manual Application

Apply Sergeants Gun Cleaner at full concentration with brush, pad, cloth or use pre-saturated patch.

Immersion Cleaning

Sergeants can be used in an immersion or soak wash tank at full concentration, without heat or ultrasonics.

Spray Application

Sergeants can be decanted into a spray at full concentration for spray use or to re-saturate patches.

Works great!


Technical Data

  • Shelf Life & Storage – 3 years when stored in original, sealed container in a well-ventilated facility above 55°F.
  • Disposal – Do not flush into ground water system, let evaporate or contact local disposal company.
  • Handling – Chemically resistant gloves and safety glasses/goggles are recommended and should be used with all industrial chemicals.

Made by Reliance Specialty Products